Design-driven innovation as seen in a worldwide, values-based curriculum

I’m fascinated by design-driven innovation. I’ll have to do more with it in the future.


While instructional design’s technological roots have given it many approaches for process and product improvement, in most cases designers still rely on instructional forms that do not allow them to develop instruction of a quality consistent with that expressed by the field’s visionary leaders. As a result, often the teachers and students using instructional products remain confined by equally limiting views of instruction and learning that cannot help them achieve the outcomes the designer originally envisioned. In this paper we discuss how a relatively new design approach, design-driven innovation, can give instructional designers additional tools to shape the meaning they and others have about instruction and learning. With the changes possible in a design-driven approach, instructional designers and other stakeholders can lay a new foundation for the instruction they develop, making more possible the achievement of the outcomes they pursue.

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Hadlock, C. A., & McDonald, J. K. (2014). Design-driven innovation as seen in a woldwide values-based curriculum. Educational Technology, 54(4), 15–22.

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